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Titan Armaments was started by a left handed guy who didn’t like the fact that lefties were being left out for the most part in the weapons world. He was tired of being told, “Just buy a right handed weapon! What if you don’t have a left handed gun and the world blows up?” Really?

There aren't many left handed weapons out there…
Titan’s here to change that!

Left handed weapons may not be around much now, but it’s our mission to make sure they are! Lefties can always use right handed weapons if they have to, but why not have what you want?

We are an all-around weapons company. We handle everything from firearms, to compound bows, to knives. We specialize in left handed weapons, but look out for the right handed guys, too. We strive to have the highest level of quality and back our weapons 100%.

Titan has a state of the art, interactive, indoor, smokeless firing range used for training, practice, and fun! Titan also teaches classes ranging from concealed carry, to firearm use and safety training. We also have an AR15 Armorer course.

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